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the flanks

"The Flanks play feel-good, sing-along, dirty country-folk... Behind their deceptive simplicity hides a bunch
of very good musicians. Clever original songs, funny lyrics—swinging, bluesy top-shelf entertainment with
no false pretenses... Their album Field Days catches fire like a Molotov cocktail." —Rootstime

"Rollicking!" —The New Yorker

"The Flanks just blew my mind. They play this old-timey, country-folk music complete with guitars,
harmonica, fiddle, upright bass, and some of the most beautifully sung harmonies I've ever heard. . . . One of
the most wonderful shows I've ever seen." —Brooklyn Vegan

"First-rate Americana." —Leicester Bangs

“Well, that's a disturbing little ditty.” —John Schaefer, WNYC's Soundcheck

AM New York, September 8, 2010